depiction is a wine/art project made using primarily Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in a very special part of the St. Helena appellation, in Napa Valley.

For each vintage of depiction, we choose an artist that inspires us, and commission an original painting. When the artwork is completed, we hand cut it down into hundreds of smaller pieces,  equal to the number of bottles we have produced for that vintage. Those individual canvas segments of the painting become the physical front labels of our bottles for that vintage. The reverse side of each label is hand numbered to enable its original location in the painting to be discovered.

depiction is offered on a highly limited basis in handmade presentation boxes which contain (3) three 1.5 liter bottles. The interior cover of the presentation box displays a print of the original art in its totality, before it is sliced up to become the depiction front labels.


The vines which produce depiction were planted in 2010; their rootstock, clone, spacing, orientation, and trellising were all carefully selected in order to showcase to the highest, this special vineyard site. All farming in the vineyard is undertaken by hand so that the greatest individual care may be given to each vine. The meticulousness in the vineyard is matched in the cellar, with every winemaking input made in a considered and deliberate way in order to most clearly articulate the vineyard’s voice.


Every release of depiction features individually numbered bottles, along with a key showing the labels’ actual location within the original artwork.


depiction is produced in extremely limited quantities, as it is entirely handcrafted. More information about our 2014 release may be found by clicking below.

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